the deliverance center

Providing services to help individuals and families with essential planning for the future through programs designed to develop emotional, educational and business skills.

About Us

The Deliverance Center specializes in Purpose Consultation. All work is steeped in the concept of connection with the creator and one’s inner self as a guide to seeking and determining purpose. Individuals will engage in self exploration including academic, talent/skills, learning style, spirituality (if applicable) and interest  inventories to ascertain which of the four pathways to pursue for life fulfillment. 

Once clients discover their purpose, a Deliverance Center Consultant will match the levels from the surveys to either a college, technical college, military or direct career pathway and co-create a purpose plan for the client. The purpose plan will include required steps of action, deadlines, and evaluation methods to ensure completion. The plan will also encompass a life map which gives direction and focus to the plan. 

Additional services are available such as real estate referral, employment training and assistance, ghost writing services for those interested in becoming authors but need assistance, investment workshops for retirement, college and large purchase assistance, and financial literacy. The Deliverance Center believes that purpose-directed living is the key to success, happiness, and restored community.

Poitier Publishing is on the horizon.

Our Mission

The Deliverance Center was formed to address the despondent state of youth and young adults. Far too often people obtain jobs to survive rather than strive for a fulfilling career. Each individual was born for a purpose and a fulfilled life is everyone’s birthright. If we explore this world for what we were born to be, we will live a happier, more productive existence. This corporation is dedicated to directing the exploration of purpose and engaging each person in the pursuit or purpose fulfillment.

Dr. Sherrie Poitier-Liscombe,
Family Therapist & Entrepreneur

She specializes in training & equipping aspiring businesspeople and authors. Dr. Poitier also offers Ghost Writing and Authorship Consultation through Poitier Wordsmith Academy.